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Are there any Taekwondo Anime?

Martial arts anime has held a special place in the hearts of fans, offering a captivating blend of action. Among the multitude of martial arts showcased in anime, Taekwondo stands out for its elegance and powerful kicks. However, anime exclusively dedicated to Taekwondo are a scarcity. This article takes a deep dive into the limited world of Taekwondo featuring anime, shedding light on TKD anime series, offering insights into notable martial arts anime that incorporate this Korean martial art.

Anime Featuring Taekwondo:

1) The God of High School
taekwondo featuring anime. The gods of High School poster

Based on the webtoon, “The God of High School” thrusts viewers into the exhilarating world of martial arts tournaments. While Taekwondo isn’t the sole focus, it assumes a prominent role in the fighting styles of several characters. One particularly intriguing martial art featured in the series is Renewal Taekwondo.

Renewal Taekwondo is a modern type of martial art developed in South Korea. This distinctive martial art is utilized by notable characters such as Jin Mo-Ri, Jin Tae-Jin, and Jin Mori’s clone, Hui Mori, within the series. Emphasizing potent, linear kicks reminiscent of its foundational ITF Taekwondo techniques, Renewal Taekwondo showcases a blend of skills directly linked with ITF Taekwondo, including techniques like Hwechook, while also featuring skills entirely conceived by Jin Tae-Jin and his associates.

What sets Renewal Taekwondo apart is its formidable power, underlined by the awe-inspiring Renewal Recoilless technique. This technique’s unique ability to damage the formidable Yongpyo makes Renewal Taekwondo the reigning martial art in the series, surpassing even other formidable practices like Charyeok.


2) Grappler Baki

A taekwondo featuring Anime. Grappler Baki movie poster

In the intense world of “Grappler Baki,” we meet Mouko Ri, known as the Flame Tiger. As the lone Taekwondo practitioner in the Maximum Tournament, Ri’s distinctive fighting style adds a layer of diversity to the show’s gripping combat scenes. His combination of Taekwondo techniques with the intensity of the series demonstrates the martial art’s adaptability within the anime universe.


While pure Taekwondo-focused anime may be limited, these selected shows capture the essence of martial arts and offer a glimpse into the world of Taekwondo within the anime universe.

Taekwondo Like Anime

Sadly extensive features of taekwondo in anime are hard to come by despite its presence in Movies and TV shows. However, let’s explore some classic martial arts-oriented series that feature Taekwondo techniques and style throughout.

1) Dragon Ball Z

This iconic series masterfully blends martial arts with superhuman abilities. Treating viewers to intense battles and awe-inspiring power-ups that have become legendary in the realm of anime.

2) Naruto

While primarily rooted in the world of ninjutsu and ninja techniques, “Naruto” weaves hand-to-hand combat and martial arts principles into its narrative, contributing to its dynamic fight sequences.

3) One Piece

Beyond its adventurous narrative, “One Piece” features a diverse array of combat styles, incorporating martial arts techniques that enrich the repertoire of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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Which anime features the most Taekwondo?

While there are several anime that incorporate Taekwondo into their storylines. One notable series that prominently features Taekwondo is “The God of High School.” This anime revolves around martial arts tournaments and showcases a variety of fighting styles, including Taekwondo. The characters in “The God of High School” often employ Taekwondo techniques with some characters even specializing in unique variations like Renewal Taekwondo.

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