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Are Punches allowed in Taekwondo?

Yes, Taekwondo allows punches. Practitioners learn and practice a range of punches, including basic ones like jabs, straight punches, and uppercuts, as well as more

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Are there any Taekwondo Anime?

Martial arts anime has held a special place in the hearts of fans, offering a captivating blend of action. Among the multitude of martial arts

Taekwondo WTF Belts

What are the Taekwondo WTF Belts?

WTF taekwondo belt ranks are a Taekwondo system of colored belts to signify a practitioner’s progress and skill level. However, what many might not realize

Can You Teach Yourself Taekwondo?

Taekwondo, an immensely popular martial art, has captured the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide. From MMA fighters to renowned athletes in the UFC, its influence continues

The 5 Tenets Of Taekwondo

The 5 Tenets Of Taekwondo

  Taekwondo is guided by a set of five fundamental core values that shape its practitioners’ character and conduct. The 5 Tenets of Taekwondo serve

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Taekwondo Belts Explained

There are two main governing bodies for Taekwondo: The International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and the World Taekwondo (WT, formerly known as the WTF). Each organization